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Marleigh Neumeyer  


I'm your not-so typical teen.  I love school and reading and playing video games...that last one A LOT. I have a band with my brother and someday I'd like to be a popstar. Just sayin'. 
I made a movie with my brother for the Easter Seals Disability Film Challenge called....

ZOMBZIES - Demo Scene

Marleigh-Student at Witch School

Throw Back - Marleigh on Goldie Bots

Robot Runway - by GoldiBlox 

My VO samples


I've been taking acting, VO and improv classes for a couple of years. I have had scene study with Andrew Magarian, improv at the Westside Comedy Theatre and I'm taking an On Camera class with Bo & Denise Kane. For Voice Over I've been working with Lynanne Zager.


I really love dancing, playing guitar and singing and I've lots classes for years but I'd still say I'm a beginner.  I was in musical with a group called CAST and I'm in Aladdin at my middle school.


I have worked in VO which is great because my voice sounds a bit younger than my age.  I'm working on a scary podcast that will be coming out soon!


Hobbies & Skills


Mostly I love to read, paint and play video games.  I really want to live stream my games but my mom says I have to be 13.  Before the pandemic I was in Karate (I'm a blue belt) and I was taking a performance class at School of Rock. I like to play music with my family and my brother and I have our own band "MAD" it stands for Marleigh And Dylan. We write songs and play together.  I love to make songs up on the spot - check out some of my creations on this page.  My mom is teaching me piano and I'm starting to get the hang of it.  I also take zoom guitar class and zoom singing classes sometimes. In the summer I love swimming, hiking and biking. I've also started skateboarding at the skate park, no big tricks yet but it's super fun.

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