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Commercial Talent Agency



Direct Contact Info -Email: erinneumeyer@gmail.com

Tel: 310.902.6339


Height   5"8'         Eyes  Brown

Weight  126          Hair  Brown (Long / Curly)

Pants    6              Shirt/Dress    4-6

Waist    28"           Hips  39"

Shoe    8                Bust  32 C

Film Feature
Film Short

She                                                  Dective Paris                   Pierre Parker

Acid Bath                                         Starla                               Warped Reality Pictures

Graceland to Memphis                    Agent  Carlson                 Blue Water PicturesHotel



Hotel Grand                                      Joan (lead)                      Sean Batton

Premonition                                      Sarah (lead)                    Solange Filmworks

Reality Sucks                                   Mom                                Mike Cohen

Fruit Punch                                       Art Gallery Owner           Joseph Bialik

Mum                                                 Mum                                Kinga Dobos

Obsession                                        Supporting                      AFI, Amin Matalqa

Voice Over
Psyched                                               Narrator                          Juli Caldwell
Repossesion                                       Narrator                         Rachael Wade
Radio Host                                          DJ                                       WUPX 91.5FM

2010 - present


Conflicts available upon request

TV / Video / Web

My Craxy Ex                                    Real Jane                          Lifetime

Murder Book, #109                          Forensic Antrhopologist   LMNO Productions

The Singing Bee                              Contestant                        NBC/Universal

Kodak ESP Printer Infomercial        Self                                   The Kaplan Thaler Group

Crimetime (Discovery)                     Supporting                        Pilgrim Productions

Photography Training (YouTube)     Self                                   Expert Village

Satisfy Me (Comedy Central)           Lead                                Justin Lutsky

Haagen-Dazs (Spec Commercial)   Lead                                 Solange Filmworks

The Ruins Spoof (FunnyORdie)       Ensemble                        Michael Felbinger

2010 - present


Thunderwolves                                 Improv                               ETC, Second City, Chicago

Joy Story (Writer & Actor)                  Improv/Scripted               Second City, Chicago

SLASHER! Improvised Horror Film    Improv                             Gorilla Tango, Chicago

ARQ                                                   Improv                             iO Chicago

Wait Until Dark                                   Susy                                The Raven Playhouse, LA

Big Wheel (Improv, LA)                      Self                                  iO West, LA

Eleemosynary                                   Dorothea                           The Raven Playhouse, LA

Vagina Monologues                          Ensemble                          Glendale College, CA



Audition Technique               Margie Haber - Ongoing  (Los Angeles, CA)

Alumni                                   Second City Conservatory (Chicago, IL)

Alumni                                   iO Training Center (Los Angeles, CA & Chicago, IL)

Improv Workshops                Groundlings (Los Angeles, CA)

Acting  1-3                             Howard Fine, Howard Fine Studio (Los Angeles, CA)

Scene Study & Rehearsal     Heidi Davis, Howard Fine Studio (Los Angeles, CA)                

Commercial Training             Mike Pointer & Stuart K. Robinson(Los Angeles, CA)

Alexander Technique            Desmond Ondatje (Los Angeles, CA)

Acting                                    Northern Michigan University & University of Colorado



Special Skills

Awesome at: Yoga, Artist, Professional Photographer (ErinLeighPhotography.com), Guitar, Tennis, Writer, Director, Best Mom in the World, Radio DJ, Voice-Over, Basic power tools, Love My Pets and Working with Animals (except spiders), Snow Skiing, Volleyball, Basketball, and Directors Love Me.


Pretty Darn Good at: Karate (Orange Belt so far!), Ballet, Soccer, Snowboarding, Swimming, Golf,  Jogging, Rock Climbing, Bowling, Bartending and Dancing like no one is watching.


Texas, British, Irish, Standard Mid-west, Jewish, Russian, Southern
Northern Michigan University

1991 - 1996     BS Public Relations & Speech Communication

I studied Theatre, Photography & Art during my undergrad but ultimately graduated with a PR degree and a focus in marketing.  I was the President of the American Marketing Association and also a member of the Student Leader Fellowship Program where my community service was teaching highschoolers about the dangers of drugs and alchohol through entertaining skits with my improv group "Skitting Outta Control".  

University of Colorado

2001 - 2003    Focus in Fine Arts (Theatre, Ceramics & Photography)

After an unfulfilling career in high-tech marketing and an emotional year at the Larimer Humane Society as the Development Director where how much money we raised determined how many animals could live, I decided to go back to school to do what I was most passionate about.  I'm only a few odd credits away from a second degree in Fine Art.  

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