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Well, I was very into Mountain Bike Racing until Covid-19 put an end to that before the season really got going this year.  My school was in pretty good shape to start distance learning so even though I missed my friends and teachers we finished the year.  I even took an online college class this summer, since I was mainly staying in the house anyway!  We've still been writing and making our web series, since it is filmed by us in our home.  Plenty to talk about!

Lost In The Woods

If you get turned around, stay put!

Your Neighbors, The Neumeyers

S1E8 "Relax"   More episodes on the Show Tab

Abduction - Drama

My gallery


I'm in high school and will be a sophomore.  My main interests are mountain biking, live streaming video games and reading history.


I've done a few school plays, gone to a bunch of acting workshops and after school classes.  Since we moved back to LA in 2013 I have taken an auditioning workshop from Margie Haber Studio, scene study with Shari Shaw, Andrew Magarian and Voice Over with Lynanne Zager. So I've got mad skills, lol.  I'm loving my class with Bo Kane which is an on camera class that focuses on acing commercial auditions and understanding scenes and studying with Debra Lemen.  I've shot several National Commercial and recently guest starred on an episode of Teachers, plus lots of on set time learning the ropes as a photo double in a George Clooney movie, screen tested for a series lead and doing my own projects so I'm very comfortable working with lots of people.  


My mom does voice over work and I think that's pretty cool, so she's taught me everything she knows and helps me tape my auditions at home.  I also take drum, piano, violin and singing lessons and I love writing music. I'm learning how to record and produce my own songs and will put new samples to right on this page!

My family and I have a webseries called "Your Neighbors The Neumeyers", you can watch it on our Instagram Page or season one is all set for you to watch on YouTube.  We do everything ourselves and it's a blast! 

Check it out here: YNTN


Hobbies & Skills


I like a lot of actives.  My favorite is Mountain Biking and I'm on a cross country racing team with NICA.  When school is happening I run on the Cross Country team in the fall and the Track Team in the spring. I love being outdoors and hiking or camping. 

My other huge interest is music.  I play the drums, bass guitar, piano and violin.  I'm also learning electric guitar and I sing. My family has a band which I named the "Crazie Daizys" and my sister and I call our band MAD (Marleigh And Dylan) we write songs and play together. 

I like playing video games - shocking I know! - but probably my favorite hobby is reading.  I think books are cool and amazing.  I really like writing too.


Drumming Sample 

A few songs I was working on in my drum lesson with Troy Zeigler

Baseball Skills

Dylan batting and catching.

My Reel

Some work I have done.

Sit Com Scene

Gorilla Glue

Walmart - Black Friday

Heluva Good Cheese "Too Shy To Shred"

The Early Days

This section below is where I've archived some things from when I was little. 

The Sibling Showdown 
I used to do a show with my sister called Siblings Showdown where we teach kids about things like improv and tide pools. Here's one of our fav episodes.

Siblings Showdown 

Episode 1: Pinewood Derby

Siblings Showdown 

Episode 2: Mayhem

Siblings Showdown 

Episode 3: Paradise Cove

Siblings Showdown 

Episode 4: Improv

My First Songs
I used to do a show with my sister called Siblings Showdown where we teach kids about things like improv and tide pools. Here's one of our fav episodes.
My VO samples
Character Videos

These are some of my characters I created.

Comedy Characters

Hungry Weatherman

Comedy Characters

The Unventor

Comedy Characters

Mensa Surfer

Comedy Characters

Blade of Kentucky Blue Grass

Little Monsters Clip

Dylan plays Kid Lucas, the bad seed brother of Jerome, or is he...