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Easter Seals Disability Film Challenge

Watch Our Film!

March 27th - April 5th

Views count toward the Awareness Campaign Award.

You're going to love ThunderTally Media's entry!  The genre options were either Documentary or Mockumentary - so of course we went for the FUNNY!

The Challenge started on Tuesday, March 16th, when the organizers announce the theme and required props, and concluded 5 days later at 6 p.m. on Sunday.

One of the primary goals of this program is to change

the way disability is viewed in media by giving filmmakers the opportunity to collaborate and tell stories that showcase disability in its many forms. The Best Awareness Campaign is an amazing way to get all of these films seen by as many people as possible and raise the visibility of disability in entertainment!

A wonderful byproduct of people becoming more aware is that they can make hiring decisions that include considering people with a disability.

Our team has several disabled people on the cast and crew, you can read about them below!


Actress, Writer - Type 1 Diabetes, Epilepsy


A rocker in real life, Marleigh loves playing music and belting made up lyrics at the top of her lungs!  More

Actor, Writer, Inventor, Mt Bike Racer - ADD


Dylan is in a real band with his sister called M.A.D. for  Marleigh and Dylan. He's also hugely into Mountain Biking and does Voice Over! More


Actress, Writer, Director, Producer - RD


Erin is an award winning writer who really isn't this crazy in real life!

But... she's met plenty of stage parents who are. More

Actress, Writer, Script Supervisor


Caryn is a comedienne.