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Watching a Movie

ThunderTally Media Films

In addition to offering production, consulting, graphic design and photography services to companies and projects we also write and produce our own films and web series keeping those same values in mind that we use to support our clients. 

All of our films feature actors with disabilities, albeit sometimes invisible, in front of and behind the camera. 

Missing Love Screen Shot Title.png


Short film 2023 entry in the Easter Seals Disability Film Challenge - Starring Marleigh Neumeyer who has Type 1 Diabetes and Epilepsy and Dylan Neumeyer who has ADD. It also features Mark Cirillo, a member of the LGBT community and Erin Neumeyer.

It's about a teen sleuth who puts her detective skills to work finding the love that is missing between her parents. 

Movie Poster V4.png


This 2021 comedy started as an entry for the Easter Seals Disability Film Challenge but later new scenes were filmed and it was re-edited.  It will be submitted to festivals in 2024. It featured a cast and crew with both visible and invisible disabilities.

This is the story of teen siblings who's pushy fame seeking mom has launched their song, "Cookies Are My Soul" to viral success. The daughter is a natural diva and loves it but the son is a true artist and not a sell-out. 

The Narrator Poster-2022.jpg

The Narrator

Originally a film for the 2022 Easter Seals Disability Film Challenge this film is being turned into a feature length production. Featuring a cast and crew with disabilities this action film also included LGBTQ and minority crew. 


Your Neighbor The Neumeyers

This is a web series. Short comedy episodes based on real life! 

Featuring Erin, Dylan and Marleigh Neumeyer.  Written, Directed, Edited and Produced by ThunderTally Media.

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