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A Big Little Break

I was talking to another parent about getting a "Big Break." That job that starts opening doors. I know for some people it happens right out of the gate like magic. Actually, it happened to a friend of mine who's daughter got her first Co-Star on a TV show the very first time she auditioned for a TV show. That has not happened to me or my kids. For us it has been the long arduous road of practice and persistence.

I will say that it wasn't my friends daughters first audition. She had taken classes, been auditioning for and had already booked multiple commercials and had been with an agency for 2 years. So even the lucky breaks usually require a lot of work and dedication.

My daughter got a wonderful 'little break' this past winter when we went to set for what we thought was a background job on a pilot but what turned out to be a principle role in a Taped Live for TV holiday special. This means that there was a live studio audience when they taped it but it wasn't put "On AIR" until a later date, five weeks later. It was crazy to me that they just handed her a scene with lines that she didn't have to audition for. I mean, how did they know she'd be able to do it?

Thankfully she learned her lines easily and did an amazing job but seriously, depending on the day or the scene that could have gone differently. I mean, if the scene involved any type of person in a monster costume she would have run, not walked, to the exit! There would have been nothing I could have done to stop her.

That job was an amazing experience. She also became SAG Eligible because she booked a job as a principle actor. At this time we are not going to sign her up because she could use more experience acting in non-union films before she joins the union. Once you join you have to pass on any job that is not sanctioned by the union, or request a special status called 'Financial Core' which allows you to take non-union jobs but you give up voting rights and some other benefits.

Dylan recently booked his first Co-Star on a TV show. It was a terrific experience and he did a great job. The show is called "Teachers" and he plays a character named Tanner. It hasn't aired yet so hopefully his scene stays in the episode. This is definitely some type of break - I'll call it a "Medium Break." He has been called in many times for Disney, Nickelodeon, other TV shows and both short and feature films. Several times he's come very close to booking a series lead or a series regular role. He's been at it for a few years, with consistent training in every type of acting and voice over. We're hoping that now that he's booked one co-star that there will be more in the future.

While on set he made a great impression on the crew. Several times I was told what a talented actor he is and how professional he was. One person told me not to let him quit acting because he had true talent. While all of this is nice to hear, especially as a mom you want to hear your child is being polite, etc... The truth is that there are so many talented kids that booking a job really boils down to the look they want: is Dylan the right age to play the character, the right size, body type or does he have the special skill they're looking for, like baseball or skiing.

As for me, I have been plugging along. I had new photos taken several months ago, but they just are not working for me. So I scheduled a session with a terrific photographer. She so terrific that I couldn't get in for months. I may take some new photos of myself in the interim. I'm also taking matters into my own hands as far as producing material. More on that in another post!

Good luck to you all out there taking a step toward your dream every day!

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