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The voice over world is exploding with classes and guides on gear and auditioning techniques. To help you navigate it I wrote a summary article about Getting Started in VO (Link back to Ms In The Biz Article Here). I like to be very cautious about classes and workshops that I profile because I want you to use your time and money wisely. Here is a class that I found helpful and I think is a great place for the beginner to start because they actually offer a Free 10 step video series for, did I mention, FREE. Not only is it free but it’s actually helpful and doesn’t require you to sign-up for any additional lessons. Just fill out a basic registration form that allows them to send you their newsletter - which you can unsubscribe from at any time. It is called

Full-disclosure... I did end up taking in-person workshops and ultimately became a VO2GoGo Pro member but you can literally do the Free course and never look back. I’m not receiving any compensation from this company. I personally believe the in-person courses are the most valuable because you get instant feedback, learn how to correct your mic technique, work with someone who is directing you just like you would in a studio session and often leave with digital files to use as voice samples.

VO2GoGo is run, and often taught, by David H. Lawrence XVII (which I believe translates into the 17th, pretty impressive on its own!) He has a staff of teachers that he works with and has created a plethora of online video courses and in-person classes. I took a class on how to record and produce audio books, then a commercial audition technique course and finally I had him produce my commercial VO Demo.

I’m not going to summarize all that I learned because if you are serious about getting into VO, you should have already clicked on his link to register for the Free class and maybe you stopped reading my review you’re so darn excited to get started.

As a pro member I continue to have access to all of his online content which runs the gamut of topics from gear purchase and installation to how the market is changing and how to evolve with it. He is a working actor and Vo artist who is generous with his knowledge and time. Whenever I email him a question or post a reply to the comments below an article he is quick to respond and incredibly helpful. He does not try and sell you anything.

I think it’s because he wasn’t pushy and had great information that I quickly signed up to be a student.

After classes with him I easily found VO representation and began booking work right away. I can’t promise that will happen for you, especially since the VO industry has exploded in recent years so the market is considerably more flooded with new talent than it was when I started. What I am saying is this is one of many places that offer solid information, a lot for your money and continuing support in this very competitive industry.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been at it for a while, there is always good up-to-date information on the VO2GoGo site.

This is far from the only Voice Over class out there. I’ve been to a few others that I also really enjoyed so check this site fore more reviews. There are also great organizations out there to join like, Women in Animation and Women in Film that sometimes have VO classes or networking opportunities that I highly recommend joining.

Finally there is a great directory aimed at the Voice Over Industry here:

Let me know if there’s a great VO class you loved by hitting me up on Twitter or Instagram, links in my bio.

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